Transportation: Modes

Two companies operation domestic flights, Air Iceland (in blue- not to be confused with the international carrier Iceland Air) and Eagle Air (in purple).  In the winter, certain roads are difficult or impassable and flights becomes the only means of transit out of the area.

Bus Routes- Although it appears to cover much of the country, in many places it only passes through once per day.  Several different companies operate their own lines, but everything is coordinated through Iceland’s main transit department.

Road Network- The dotted lines are only open during the summer, and even at that time require 4WD vehicles.  Parts (in the East) of the national highway, ring road one, is a gravel road. The circular path ring road was completed in 1974-before then, people in the south east had to travel 3/4 of the loop counterclockwise to get to Reykjavik.


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